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Nice game! Took me fifteen minutes to beat, with only getting new rooms from four of the possible six places before going for the end. Took quite a few tries to get there, but I had fun

The only problem I see with the game is that the character moves too fast and you can't decide how hight you jump wich makes it hard to aim or simply moving around. This is a problem especially beacause the rooms are small and it doesn't take long to traverse them. Otherwise it's a good game: the concept is fantasic and the execution is also pretty good. I would like to see this as a full game. 

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This was awesome. At first I was skeptical if I should agree that this is even a metroidvania... until I realized that the rooms you acquired were your skill system that assists in maneuvering the game. You literally earn spaces to move around the level. This is a great spin on metroidvania, you should turn this into a larger game, it's got real potential.

By the way, I feel that providing restrictions on where you could place a given room would be a great addition. There is a lot of puzzle potential in that aspect of the game. Perhaps rooms that can only be placed once, and other hubs to tunnel toward. Also, perhaps the difficulty of a room should also vary based on where it is placed. The obvious idea is increase difficulty as it is placed nearer the goal.


Cool game, though I think signalling that the saws can be destroyed would help earlier on when it is difficult to move around some of the rooms (As most often in games [and especially platformers] saws are normally not interactable) as I didn't bother trying to shoot them as I thought they would be immune. Otherwise, really fun!

Thanks for the tip!

Such a great idea, loved it. hope to see more of this if you plan to expand it or make a second game.

Very smart! I love that the healing rooms are one-way entries, forcing the player to plan their map around it. IMO, there should've been fewer rooms overall, so players would need to use all of their pieces in the final stretch. I never saw some of the hardest rooms because I didn't need to use them. But I loved this! 

If you're going to expand on this game in the future, having certain areas have 'hazards' that effect the room tile placed there among other spatial puzzles (like rooms that can rotate with levers) could be really interesting. I think there's still a lot of potential here!

I wish I had figured out how to not use the hard rooms, I had to use all rooms for my last run.

I somewhat disagree with the fewer overall rooms, i feel there should be diffrent levels, because the few amount of rooms encourages speed-running and unnecessary power-ups have been in metrovanias since their beginnings  

Very fun, only cons are the controls can be annoying at some times, and dropping though passable floors sometimes doesn't work, but overall a nice game

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