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how do you uhhh find  the crypt key

I beat hard mode!




So the game is easy to pick, not that long, and full the whole way. I adore that. Also the different levels are different enough to feel like you're really exploring a new place when doing multiple gameplays.

My only problem is that the game is really easy, even in hard mode. But that isn't much of a problem. I would have appreciated if the key served more use than "just another way to win" because I've been to the end 4 times, and I was pretty let down by finding that this item I've kept on me through all of the 3 precedent playthrought was just an equivalent of the orbs for one of the road.

Outside of that, excellent, just plain fun, I'll recommend it to some people.

this is a great game, would you happen to have a downloadable version?

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where in the world can I use the crypt key?

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In the first "the path splits here" if you go down and keep going from there there is a door when you get to the mid level to the castle screen where you can go to a locked door.

Excellent game! I liked so much to play this! 

Well done! I loved this. :) 

This game was super fun to play! The controls are fluid, the art is great, and the atmosphere is awesome! My only complaint is that I could not find where the crypt key is supposed to go no matter how hard I looked, but I guess it's supposed to be hidden

I loved the game !

Great vania little gem! 

Great game! It has nice artwork and pleasant movement, I loved it!

I love this game! Bosses are kind of a pushover on normal tho.

Awesome game, I hope it's coming more like this :3


Absolutely loved the art and music. Great game man. Especially those enemy designs 👍

Made a video


Demon Castle takes everything I have trouble with in Castlevania and makes it fun and speedy. I dig it. It's also cool seeing a PICO-8 game with multiple paths rather than strictly point A to point B travel.

Good job, dev. Would whip again.

This was freaking great!! I enjoyed it to the end.

Really cool!


Short and Sweet, i loved it!.

This was amazing! I really enjoyed playing this game and the music was absolute fire. This was such a fun game to play and it really took me back, keep up the good work :D

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)

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Speedrun in 3:39 (Normal Mode).

Someone beat this.

HAHA, I got 3:19 by the up path


Yesssss managed to beat it in <4 minutes!


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Incredibly simple, took roughly 5 minutes to finish. Fun while it lasted but still felt a little too easy. Perhaps as if the whip was too powerful. Absolutely enjoyable, though! 

Added note: This was my first exposure to a PICO-8 game, so I apologize for my unfamiliarity.

cute, fairly easy and I was wondering what to do with the key. 

I got the key, the 3 orbs and beat it in 5:41 on Hard


It was really enjoyable.

Extremely impressive! Looks great, plays well. I love the whip animation! You fit a ton of features into a Pico-8 Kart -- multiple difficulties, multiple paths, secrets, a variety of enemies, moving platforms, bosses. This looks like it was a ton of work!

My only critique is that I am partial to how deliberate the movement in the original Castlevania is; I don't like that you can move after whipping or control in mid-air after jumping, but those are points of preference and I don't mean for them to be prescriptive.

Otherwise you nailed the look and feel -- I love this!

Fantastic! You really nailed the early Castlevania vibe perfectly.

Wow mate, this is absolutely amazing! Really awesome work! That whip is more satisfying than the NES originals, too!

good game castlevania feel!