Allocation is a Metroidvania game without a connected world map. Instead, you must create pathways between key points using the rooms that you collect as you explore.

Rooms are divided by difficulty, so you decide how challenging the game will be by creating your own paths to move around the world. The more you explore and add  rooms to your collection, the more choice you have when designing your routes.

Creating a Path

Access the Map System

Press the up arrow in front of the monitor to access the map system.

Select Rooms

From this screen you can see the rooms you have obtained. If you select one of the yellow rooms and press the Z key, you can then place that room onto the minimap.

Build a connected world!

Place a few rooms onto the minimap to connect two areas. Aim to reach the red dot room on the right-hand side of the map!


Arrow keys - Move your character / Choose options in the map system.

Z key - Jump / Select an option in the map system.

X key - Shoot / Cancel an option in the map system.

This game is now also hosted on the PICO-8 BBS:

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(151 total ratings)
GenreAction, Adventure, Platformer, Puzzle
Made withPICO-8
Tags2D, Exploration, Game Maker's Toolkit Jam, Metroidvania, PICO-8


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i want a sequel

After so long... I finally did it. I finished the videogame.


Wow this is really something! Truly a gem of a game and I can imagine such a good jumping off point for a full fledged game with a plot and upgrades and more rooms. Such a great concept and just sucked me right in. Took me 31 minutes to complete the first try but I think I wasted 5 minutes just figuring out the room system lol. 

Congratulations on this. A real breath of fresh air and a hell of a concept.




PLEASE make a full game out of this



this game is really good! however i wish at the end you needed to use every piece you had, making one, true path.


cant believe it was made for a jam..

have you tried making a real metroidvania?
it would be sick!


Fact you can shoot up


Great Game, cool mechanics but mildly confusing controls

btw PB 12:12

faster than my last time - N/A

Easy 5/5. What a fantastic concept, would love to see this stretched out even further. I could spend hours and hours playing a game like this with upgrades and gear.

Impressive :D

amazing idea, amazing execution, perfect difficulty 10/10

such a creative masterpiece


but killing all the enemies in a room should give upgrades btw


only for red rooms if it is ever implimented

(1 edit)

Cool game! Started speedrunning it a bit, here's my best time so far.


11:53 yay D:

nice game got 46:16 because I had to do something


GREAT GAME! (I got 15:45 btw)


my only gripe is that medium can be harder than hard at times and so can easy at times!

really awesome!


can i give you a suggestion? in the end, you get infinite rooms of any size, so the player can play however they want


This is GREAT! It has some pretty good pieces to work with, all of which are very creative! The only problem is the controls. As somebody who does WASD and spacebar, arrow keys and Z felt really awkward. 4/5 stars. Oh yea, my time was 33:46.

(1 edit) (+1)

arrow keys & z/x are standard pico-8 controls btw


Build the path

Take the path

Get more pieces


Rinse repeat

i enjoyed this game a lot! it's a unique twist on the original metroidvania. a longer version of the game would be really cool.

make a full release but make it so that its like a full-on metroidvania and you can only carry a set amount of tiles


i think u should make a full release that is 20x as big as this game! 


I love the concept of building the level around the player, the graphics and the sounds also go very well together, nice job!

18:56 as my time



I would recommend giving more of a tutorial, since you wouldn't easily know you could shoot up or destroy shurikens , but other than that the only other complaint is I want more.



I didn't know that until I accidentally shot one!
If you completed the game without accidentally shooting one-


i acctualy did! just took me 16 minutes and needed to tank through some shurikens...

nice man



Cool concept. The only things I'd improve with the game would be to make it more clear of what to do, how to do, and what you can do. Looking through these comments I've seen a fair bit of people not knowing you could shoot up or shoot shurikens for some of the game, it's also a little confusing to control(using "z" to jump felt a bit weird) and slightly difficult. Albeit it's flaws it is a creative game that I'd love to see more of and with the time limit it was quite amazing. 4/5 stars


This is awesome!!

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