Dungeon Solitaire

A deck-building, dungeon-making, rogue-like card game made for the 2019 GMTK jam!

The theme of this jam was "Only one". This game demonstrates that theme by putting players in situations where they are only able to pick one card from a deck that the are continuously building.

How to Play

Building Your Deck

At the title screen, you can push the Z key to start the game. You will then be shown the deck building screen.

At this screen, you will be asked to pick seven cards to make your starting deck of cards. For each set of three cards, use the left and right arrow keys to pick the card, then the Z key to confirm.

Once you have selected all of your cards, the game will begin.

Playing the Game

This screen is the main screen of the game. On each level, your goal is to move the player piece from its starting location to the staircase. You may move the player in any of the directions shown by the arrows by using the arrow keys.

However, most of the time, there will not be a straightforward path to the staircase. In that situation, you will need to play some cards.

Playing Cards

When at the main game screen, pressing the Z key will open the Deck Menu.

At this menu, you can move the cursor up and down with the arrow keys, and select an option with the Z key. Selecting "Cancel" or pressing the X key will close the menu.

If you select "Draw Cards", the game will automatically draw the next 3 cards from the deck.

When the 3 cards are displayed, you may select one of the cards with the left and right arrow keys. Press the Z key to confirm your selection.

The card you select will be moved to the playing field. The other cards will be discarded, and cannot be used until the next level.

At this point, the card you chose can be moved with the arrow keys. When it is in the correct position, press the Z key to place it.

When you place a card onto the table, it will not return to your deck. Think carefully about which cards to use.

If there are fewer than 3 cards remaining in your deck, you will only be able to pick from those ones.

Viewing the Deck

By either selecting "View Deck" from the Deck Menu, or by pressing the X key at most points during the game, you will be able to view the cards in your deck.

The cards on the left are the ones in your deck, and the cards on the right are the ones in your discard pile. You can look at different cards by using the arrow keys, which is helpful when you have a lot of cards in your deck.

Pressing the Z or X key will return you to the previous screen.

Different Kinds of Room Cards

As well as having different entrances and exits, some rooms have special features:

 The staircase is the main goal of each level.  Aim to move the player piece to this space.

 Move to a room containing a heart, and your HP will be replenished by 1 point.
 When you move into a room containing a chest, you will be immediately given a choice of three more cards to add to your deck.

When you enter a room containing a monster, you will fight. The monster will be defeated, but you will lose one HP in the process. When you run out of HP, it's Game Over.

Special Cards

Certain cards cannot be played onto the board, and instead perform special functions when played. There are four types of these, and a description is displayed on-screen whenever they can be selected.

Winning the Game

Instead of a staircase, Level 9 contains a Crown. When you pick up this Crown, you will win the game!

Tips and Advice

  • Once you use a card, it's gone forever. The ones you don't use will be added back into your deck at the start of your next turn.
  • Sometimes, you can draw a card containing a monster. These cards can still be useful. Check the number of exits on the card!
  • There are two ways to lose the game. You will lose if you run out of HP from fighting too many monsters, but you will also lose if there are no more cards in your deck and no moves you can make. Be careful!

Good luck!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(103 total ratings)
GenreCard Game
Made withPICO-8
TagsDeck Building, Dungeon Crawler, Game Maker's Toolkit Jam, PICO-8, Roguelike, Roguelite, solitaire


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Really cool game !

Every year I speedrun this game seems like.  Its a lot of fun to keep coming back to. Seems nobody can take my speedrun world record tho lol why is it just me breaking it again and again haha

this game is fun conceptually but frustrating because the controls are very difficult to use and very buggy- they'll skip over spaces so you select the wrong card or put it in the wrong spot, and it'd be good if you could cancel a selection because sometimes you don't even want to select a card, but the menu opens and you're trying to figure out how to close it. that being said, i enjoyed  the gameplay loop a lot.

Awesome! very fun. my first two runs were confusing, but by run 3 i understood. very enjoyable

fun to play. i think a full version that had a better balance between drawn cards and the level generation would be really good


Hello Mush,

My name is Antonia Gates, I manage the games at CoolmathGames.com. I really enjoyed Dungeon Solitaire, I think it would be a great fit on our site!

I'm writing to ask if the game is available for non-exclusive licensing. Our licenses are totally non-exclusive, so you would maintain all of the IP rights and could continue to develop and distribute the game however you'd like to.

Please let me know if it is available, and how much it would cost. I'm looking forward to discussing this with you soon!

Best regards,

Antonia Gates


WHAT???? Amazing!

i was right there and i died at level 9 you got to be kidding me !

This game isn't very good at determining when there's no longer a valid path forward... And it doesn't properly add back unused cards...

Nice but too sad it is buggy: It sometimes ends the game with "no more moves" despite there is a valid path.

Wow I love your game!

So relaxing. I love it.

Love it!

(1 edit)

I would've had a much faster run, since one time i got to level 5 without playing a single card but then I died without completing the game.

Any chance you have a physical copy of this card game made as well? or a print n play?

I like the idea but it turns out to be harder than I thought. However, I've just found some controls menu and there are some 2nd player's buttons. Was it meant to be multiplayer?

I think its just because it uses PICO8

Such a cool concept!!

Very interesting.

If it happens again I'll try to get a screenshot.  I used my last draw and put down a card that completed the path to the crown but it gave me an instant game over before it let me move to the crown.  Other than that, this is an awesome time filler.

Yeah exact same thing happened to me, put down just the right piece and even though I could see the path the game just ended.


Really nice concept! Just one little thing... This text box is overlapping some cards:

Really nice project!


Small resolution doesn't suit a text heavy game.

Nice game!

(1 edit) (-1)

Lovely ! I'm still learning how to play and I just want to report this bug inbetween level 1 & 2 :

I have just finished the game, and I loved it !

Really clever & original game mechanics. It's pretty, fast and polished.

It took me a while to understand the rules at first, but my only real complain is the random difficulty level. Sometimes you can clear a level at once, while some other are impossible to solve.

Maybe the procedural generator for the levels should ensure they all have a unique solution given the player cards ? I understand that the initial "deck building" phase is interesting to have, but it looks like for some initial cards choice and some levels there is no solution, which can sometimes generate some frustration.


(1 edit)

one word. ADDICTING!

(Edit) is it okay if I make a physical version

I would love to do the same thing

This game is very close to being well-balanced, but the way in which draw-three forces two to the discard means almost all of your strategy has to bias towards maximal redundancy, and you can basically never use any of the power-up cards because the discards will almost certainly be useful floor tiles that would let you progress directly or keep your card count up.

Really fun game, I love to randomly pick up this game and play a few games. Although, I found a glitch. if you play normally, but then bring up the menu using x, if you press z, it produces an error, and then it forces you to close.


Fun idea but far too much RNG. Managed to get to level 9 after restarting the game about 6 times. Would be better if your discards went back into the deck during the same floor. Either the game needs more scope (I.E. longer/more levels) or better hand mechanics (I.E. bigger hand size or the discards comment from above).


Nice concept, lots of fun. Only complaint is that I got to level 9 and had a route to the crown - but lost the game to "no more moves" because I used my last card to create the route. I didn't need any more card plays! Still good.

Really really nice little game, managed to win with 57 steps and 10 cards played. Some really fun little decisions, and it's always exciting to see what you're going to draw!

Looks good and it's fun! 10/10

Really nice game as a whole. Definitely can see this as a full game. But tbh, not really seeing the 'only one' aspect of it. But I love to see this game expanded. Its an interesting approach to a rogue game.

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Really well-designed! I got to level 7. The visuals are lovely (I didn't have headphones).

Very interesting concept! I arrived only at level 4 but i enjoy it! Good luck for the jam! ;)