A Metroidvania-like puzzle platformer where you, the Necromancer, have to 'repair' various creatures in order to get through the ruins of your lair and find a way out. Mix and match spell ingredients like bones, cloth, and goo to cast spells and summon creatures to help you through your lair's tricks and traps. Create skeletons to harmlessly pass through spikes, zombies to chew through blockades of vines, mummies to help you down perilous ledges, slimes to squeeze into tight spaces, fishmen to carry you across water, and- if all else fails- ghosts to destroy any other creatures you've accidentally summoned. Collect the ten Mana Orbs to open the doors and exit your lair. 

  • Programming by myself
  • Art by Ky (@kythesquiddy on Twitter)
  • Map design and music by Lewis (@blueis_h on Twitter)


  • Arrow keys to move 
  • Z to begin casting a spell and to accept selection 
  • X to cancel spell 
  • C to teleport to most recently activated checkpoint -
  • Press Up arrow key to activate checkpoint and recover spell ingredients

(This game was made for the Global Game Jam 2020 in 48 hours, so we know it's not perfect. If you find yourself stuck in the game, please make use of the C key to return to your last checkpoint, and try again.)

Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags2D, ggj20, Global Game Jam, Metroidvania, necromancy, repair


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that sure took a while but a nice game overall :-)

lo, fishman brought me back to the left side but upon exiting, just flew straight to the top left, crashing into the wall.
now I'm stuck inside said wall :-/



ok this one took me a WHILE but it was a fun puzzle thank you

First impression - one more mad skills, but if give chance cool puzzle. (Bug: green leaves sometimes block player horizontal move on top of it, before reascend by ladder)

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This looks like a good game. But I need some help. All I have is two bones, and every path I can go down is blocked, and the skeleton doesn't help me much! I think I'm either missing something, or there's something missing in the game itself. Help?

To start with, create a skeleton which walks left from your starting location and stands on the blue button there. That should let you get past the gate above the button.


Yes, but then where do I go? I'm stuck, after that point. There seems to be nothing I can do with the skeleton, or my character, and it doesn't open up any materials for my character to collect...


After going through the blue gate and activating the checkpoint to replenish your resources, you can send a skeleton to the left to hold down the pink button in the water. Make sure the skeleton has a long enough run up so it can fall into the water.